daily routine that makes you better 


Increase your focus , energy and effectiveness by 50% every day is fairly easy , if you look at today’s young generation they are more obsessed with some ( mess ) you can also say them duncky , hammm  like what they wake up start using WhatsApp Facebook Instagram and lots more these are the source of distraction 

Now without wasting your time I’m directly comes to the topic daily routine , like a legendary people 

1 – wake up early – wake up early around 5 or 6 am , this is the time where you can find lots of peace and inspiration , schedule your day 

2- get some metabolism – not what it is mean by that in a recent survey scientist say in the morning if you take metabolism it’s really help you to remember anything , eat banana  , dry fruits etc 

3- stretch your body – you can start practicing yoga for great results 

4- be aware for your development 



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